Student Friends Visit to Art Museum to View East Asian Artifacts

Monday, December 12, 2016 - 3:30pm

Join us to view East Asian artifacts at the Art Museum. Limited to 10 people.

Mai Yamaguchi (Princeton Art and Archaeology) examining the meditation imagery of Dainichi nyorai 大日如來 Buddha of Japanese esoteric sect, c. 13th to 14th century AD.
Caitlin Karyadi and Kent Cao (Princeton Art and Archaeology) discussing the Dutch influence on the Japanese Byobu 屏風 folding screen, 1624–1644 AD.
From left to right- Yang Shengyu, Su Fu, Xia Lili (Princeton East Asian Studies), Caitlin Karyadi (Princeton Art and Archaeology), Zoe Kwok (Assistant Curator of Asian Art, Princeton University Art Museum), and Mai Yamaguchi (Princeton Art and Archaeology) exploring the mythological roots of the long-scroll Chinese line drawing depicting the quenching of demons deep in the mountains, late Ming period, c. 16th to 17th century AD.