Officer Application

We welcome any and all student members of the Princeton University community to join us in order to build a team of motivated students sharing a passion for books, as well as for collections of rare and special literature samples from the whole spectrum of disciplines taught at Princeton. Our goal is for any interested student to be able to find and embrace historically valuable manuscripts in the particular concentration they pursue at Princeton (that includes the natural and technical sciences represented in Lewis Library).

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Position Descriptions:

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Position (number of people to be chosen for the position based on information gathered from this application): description of position and responsibilities.
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Organizers (at least 2): will be responsible for generating ideas regarding organizing excursions to various special collections both in the area and in other places/cities, keeping in mind both the preferences of the student body and options suggested by FPUL Council members; communicating about the feasibility of such ideas with the student leaders of SFPUL, and being in contact with members of the FPUL Council when necessary.

Volunteers (at least 5): In charge of helping with events, and if you specify interest (in the form below), also establishing collaboration between the personnel in charge of Special Collections in Firestone and the personnel at the Lewis and Fine libraries regarding manuscripts in the realm of scientific literature to be available for undergraduates to access easily.

Treasurer (1): will be responsible for keeping track of the financial aspect of organizing trips and excursions, being aware of the budget allocated for the group, making informed decisions about how to most optimally spend money (including what fraction to take from the budget reserve and what fraction to collect from participants should fees arise; whether to collect small mandatory fees from all participants upon joining the group or on an event-by-event basis), and communicating about these decisions with the student leaders of SFPUL and possibly FPUL representatives.

Records Manager (1): will update the Archive section of the SFPUL website with details of events the group has held.

News/Publicity Manager(s) (1-2): will update the website with upcoming events and promote them to their respective audiences (listservs and/or other means). May also collaborate with Social Media Manager(s) on designing posters announcing events and distributing them throughout campus.

Social Media Manager(s) (1-2): will document the events organized by SFPUL on its social media pages. May also collaborate with the News/Publicity Manager(s) on designing and distributing posters.

Innovation Manager(s) (1-2): will search for new ways to increase the presence of SFPUL on campus from the technological viewpoint; a web developer with experience creating mobile apps would be an ideal fit for this position. *This is an experimental position, and we would be very glad if you volunteer for it!*

IT Team (at least 2): will assist the IT Manager with website maintenance and explore ways to expand the website's capabilities. Collaboration/communication with the IT personnell responsible for maintaining the website assumed.

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