Wild Lives: Catesby, Audubon, Lear, and Ford

Sunday, October 16, 2016 - 2:00pm

An afternoon of talks sponsored by the Cotsen Children’s Library, the Graphic Arts Collection, and the Friends of the Princeton University Library

Guyot Hall Auditorium, Princeton University, 16 October 2016, 2:00-4:30 p.m.

Speakers include:

 Robert Peck, Princeton University Class of 1974


Robert McCracken Peck, senior fellow of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, is a writer, naturalist, and historian who has traveled extensively in North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. He is the author of the new, illustrated book “The Natural History of Edward Lear.”

Aaron M. Bauer

Bauer is Professor and Gerald M. Lemole Endowed Chair in Integrative Biology Department of Biology Villanova University, Villanova, PA. http://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/artsci/biology/facstaff/biodetail.html?mail=aaron.bauer@villanova.edu

Bauer contributed the chapter "Catesby's animals (other than birds) in the Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands" to the 2015 book The Curious Mister Catesby: A "Truly Ingenious" Naturalist Explores New Worlds, which is his topic for this talk.

Walton Ford

The painter, printmaker, and sculptor Walton Ford has often been compared Audubon and Lear in his meticulous studies of natural history, both real and imagined. http://www.paulkasmingallery.com/artists/walton-ford

Neal Woodman

Woodman is an Adjunct Scientist at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center with the U.S. Geological Survey and a curator at the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum.


His talk will focus on his recently published essay, “Pranked by Audubon: Constantine S. Rafinesque's description of John James Audubon's imaginary Kentucky mammals,” from Archives of Natural History.